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Dare to think differently about disability
Dare to think differently about disability. Technology for Good

Technology for Good is a Community Think Tank for creating and sharing and technology ideas that will help people living with neurological conditions live better lives.

We collaborate, share, discuss and deliver crowdfunded technology projects on a not for profit basis that make a real difference in the lives of people living with neurological disabilities.

Our new Community Think Tank is made up of collaborators including people with disabilities, experts in the field, educators, technologists, creatives and charities. If please sign up to our Think Tank meet up group and you will be notified of all our events. Its a great time to get involved as we will be holding our launch event on the 5th Feb 2020 at Microsoft Reactor.

We also follow and publish stories about new technical innovations and projects that help people with neurological conditions. If you would like to get these stories by email please subscribe to our newsletter

About the founder

Technology for Good is founded by Sharon Curtis, a project delivery specialist and mother of an amazing autistic son. My husband and I spent years of trying to find the right solutions to help our son. Together we have tried out every sensible therapy in the book, been advised by many experts, completed endless assessments and put in place our own and many recommended practical solutions to help keep our boy safe and to progress his communication and attention skills.

Founder Sharon Curtis
Sharon Curtis – Founder – Technology for Good

It seemed no matter what we and the school tried by 6 things were getting more and more difficult for our son. It was harder and harder to keep him calm, and safe (he is the worlds greatest 9 year old climber and possibly one of the best runners)

At 7 it was decided by our sons special needs school that his needs could no longer be met due to safeguarding issues, his destructive behaviours and he was not progressing with his education if anything he seemed to be regressing further.

Dexter enjoying a bike ride at Thomley Hall, a place for people of all abilities and disabilities.

Our search for a new school began and after many rejections we found a school willing to cater for our son. I am happy to say he is now at an amazing school where he is well cared for on a 2 to 1 basis and getting some much needed help on a 24 hour curriculum. At long last we are seeing progress!

It was of course heartbreaking to send him away from home to a school in another county at the age of 8. He is constantly on our minds and our weekends centre around spending time with him taking him out and bringing him home to visit.

The challenges faced by our son are indeed profound. Unless action is taken now the future for him would indeed be very bleak.

My spare time is spent looking for other things that could help our son. How can we create a better future for him and also for other children and adults that are facing challenges due to their neurological conditions?

As a parent its always felt to me that all the strategies and tactics that are put in place are reactive and often don’t get to the cause of the issue lacking much data or science and implementing tactical techniques which are unlikely to have a lasting effect.

I feel that part of my role now should be one to plan for the future in as proactive a way as possible so that our son and children like him and others with neurological conditions impacting them can live happier and more successful lives.

For our boy we hope that this will one day mean he can return home to live after he has finished school.

Not all challenges can be solved or even helped by technology. Our aim is to use the skills and insight the collaborators have to analyse and deliver solutions together that can make a positive impact. If one child or adult can be helped by the projects delivered by Technology for Good then that would be a wonderful achievement.

We would love to hear from you

We love to speak to people who are interested in being part of brainstorming, research, testing, development, design, marketing or other writers and the media.

We are always looking for stories to share if you are interested in your technology project being featured on Technology for Good site please do get in touch.

Technology for Good is a not for profit venture. Technology created by us is made possible by our collaborators and generous donors via crowdfunding. We will always aim to make our products accessible to their users at a free or low cost to cover ongoing hosting and maintenance if required.

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