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COVID-19 online guidance from the Embracing complexity coalition.

Technology for Good are one of the member organisations for Embracing Complexity Coalition. Their mission is to help people living with neurodevelopmental and mental health conditions achieve the best outcomes they can by ‘working together’ The coalition has compiled a list of new online guidance and services from their member organisations which we are sharing today.

If there are any new services or projects please get in touch and we will be happy to add them to this page.

Ambitious about autism – Produced a guide for autistic people to help them manage anxiety at this time.

The Brain Charity – Created links to public heath information and myth busting

Bliss Charity – Produced guidance for parents of premature or sick babies.

Epilepsy action – Have created an advice page for people with epilepsy.

Max appeal – Created guidance for people with 22q11.2 deletion, including advice on medication:

Mencap – Produced an easy read guide for the Corona Virus

MQ mental health – Have an urgent call to action for research into the impact of Corona virus on mental health.

The National Autistic Society – Produced a guide on talking to autistic people about these events including social stories.

Nerve Tumors UK – Created this guide to high-risk conditions which commonly co-occur with neurofibromatosis.

NOFASUK – Produced a guide or people with foetal alcohol spectrum disorder on how they can keep themselves safe.

PDA Society – Have collated tips for talking about COVID -19 and resources for home education.

The Royal College of Occupational Therapists – Produced a page with guidance for a variety of conditions relating to speech and language.

Tourettes action – Produced a handy page about Tourettes and COVID-19

TSA – Have a page that they are updating about COVID- 19

Williams Syndrome Foundation – Created advice for people with Williams syndrome and families including managing anxiety.

Young Sibs – Created a platform for 7 – 17 year old siblings of disabled people to discuss their concerns and support each other.

Technology for Good – Provided a page with daily ways you can use technology to help with self isolation we are adding a new idea every day.

Technology for Good is a Community Think Tank for creating and sharing ideas that will help people living with neurological conditions live better lives. We would love you to get in touch or find out more here

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