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U’Neek the Gifted Bear

At Technology for Good we have been looking at toys that young autistic people and people with language delays can engage with in fun and interactive ways both developing their play skills and enabling communication channels in new and accessible ways.

U’Neek is a teddy bear designed to help young people with disabilities with verbal skills. U’Neek is highly recommended by parents of non verbal children and over the last couple of week a number of people have shared this with me.

The bear has been created in collaboration with Houston rap artist Trae Tha Truth and Dr. Tameka Maiden, a Houston-born pharmacist and former teacher who created Cubby Love Bears after recognizing how frustrating expressing even simple needs can be for children on the nonverbal autism spectrum.

“Our mission with this special bear is to ease that frustration and make life and communication a little easier for autistic and special needs kids and their families,” Maiden said.

U’Neek bear helps children communicate some of their daily basic needs with parents and carers.

U’Neek helps kids who are minimally verbal and non verbal communicate their feelings and needs by using the symbols to activate a command. A simple click of the bear’s different body parts which include symbols will activate a voice command.

The bear can say “I’m hungry” “I’m sleepy” “I need to potty” “Will you play with me?” “I don’t feel well”

Also included on the bear, is a countdown clicker to help the child during frustrating moments.    The bear is reasonably priced at $34.99 (although out of stock at the time of writing should be back in stock soon)

To find out more about U’Neek please check out the cubby love website.

Do you have a toy you want to share with Technology for Good? That has helped your child and might be able to help others ? Feel free to get in touch with us.

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  1. I’m so thankful to have come across this site. I was busy searching for a site to buy a teddy bear when I came across yours. Will like to know the cost of the teddy bear. Please I need your reply on time. Thanks for creating this site.

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