Technology for Epilepsy

How technology can enable people with epilepsy self-manage their condition.

Epilepsy is a condition effecting 1 in 131 people its responsible for 990 premature deaths in the UK every year.

Epilepsy is known for having seizures activity in the brain. It can be difficult condition to self-manage as existing medication only works for up to 70 per cent of sufferers. The condition contributes to 1.3 Million days of time spent in hospitals per year for people with Epilepsy.

Innovation UK and the Epilepsy Care Alliance ran a 2 day hack with the goal to look at how technology could enable people with epilepsy to self-manage their condition. Their solution combines wearable technology, real time patient facing apps and communication technology to get information about seizure activity out to care teams in real time.

Using Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure, the programme provides patients with a wearable tech band, which records health data this helps clinicians build a record of a patient’s condition and seizure patterns. Which can help with knowing if treatment options are working successfully or not. 

The programme has the potential to learn to classify seizures, to alert clinicians in real-time so they can consult patients remotely, as well as provide essential lifestyle recommendations and drug prescriptions. 

“Putting data into secure Azure environments gives us huge scale and ability to leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities as services and ultimately to improve patient outcomes.” as well as giving more information to be able to self- manage their epilepsy better.

Tech is helping clinicians and patients understand their epilepsy better. 

Since the programme launched in 2016 it has collected a vast amount of data that the consortium has been able to use this to gain insights that could advance epilepsy treatments. For instance, they have been able to confirm relationships between lifestyle factors such as poor sleep and seizures to enable more accurate seizure prediction. The tool will hopefully continue to assist with making these correlations in the future.

To find out more about this about MyCareCentric view the project video.

You can read the full Microsoft case study here

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