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BBC South Reports – Virtual Reality to help children with Autism

Priors Court, a specialist school in Berkshire, are trialing Virtual Reality with young people and its helping them learn. BBC south reports.

A bit of a personal story for Technology for Good, my son is featured in this piece by BBC South Today. The children who attend Priors Court have learning difficulties, sensory processing and are autistic. Our son finds staying retaining focus for more than a few minutes tricky and needs a lot of interventions to help him stay calmer throughout the day. Other than that though he is a happy and very active little boy.

Priors Court have been trialing Virtual Reality with him and other young people and its really helping improving focus, and learning new skills. The VR environment is motivating and some of the sensory environmental noise both visual and sound is reduced when using Virtual Reality. Its great to see him enjoying and engaging with learning.

BBC South reports Virtual Reality and Autism
BBC South today 30th Dec 2019 Evening news

You can watch the BBC south today report on Virtual reality at Priors Court here.

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