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Connected Living – Making everyday activities easier for people with learning disabilities.

Approximately 1.5million people in the UK have a learning disability. It is estimated that in England in 2011 1,191,000 people have a learning disability. This includes 905,000 adults aged 18+ (530,000 men and 375,000 women) (Source: People with Learning Disabilities in England 2011)

Vodafone has teamed up with the UK’s leading learning disability charity Mencap to create the innovative Connected Living project, which uses technology to enhance the quality of life for people with learning disabilities.

Many people with learning disabilities can struggle with day to day tasks and this project is to utilise technology in smart devices delivered in a user friendly way to help keep people with learning disabilities safe, give them access to support and helpful step by step guides to walk them through every day tasks. Help them plan and manage their day make some of those things that little bit easier.

All the services can be accessed by the MyLife app via a tablet device.

Feedback on the MyLife app

Adam, aged 32, who has Down’s Syndrome and dyslexia, has been part of the Vodafone Connected Living pilot since July 2018. He currently lives in Loughborough with housemate Matt. Adam has lived in supportive living facilities for more than 15 years but has always been very independent.

Adam said: “The technology is really helpful, the ‘how to’ makes me feel clever. I can now cook using my tablet – for the first time I made dinner by myself. My Day says wake up at 9.15am and there’s a photo to remind me to shower at 10.30am. I now shower on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

I use the Shopping List to help do my shopping to make sure I get everything. It is really easy. In my bedroom, I can also play with the lights and with the colours and the brightness. You can put it blue, red, purple. I like the blue one best because it is my football team Chelsea FC’s colours. My housemate Matt, he likes to disco and he changes the colours so we can have a boogie!”

Find out how people are using MyLife App below.

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Find out more on BBC click. BBC click looks at the latest developments in accessibility technology for disabled people, including how prosthetic running blades are developed and manufactured, and smart homes enabling people with learning difficulties to live more independently.

If you are looking for little ways technology might be able to help with everyday living please check out our tips article where there are some great ideas you can try today.

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