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Little ways that technology can help with burnout.

Have you ever felt burnout? That level of stress that just means that you shut down and cannot cope anymore? People with neurological conditions report that they are much more likely to experience feelings of burnout. So I have been looking at ways technology can help us manage our lives a bit better and help reduce the risks of burnout.

All these little tips are from actually autistic people that I have spoken to and use technology to help reduce burnout. Most of these ideas are really accessible using technology that we may already have. I hope that they give some new ideas to try for people who feel that they are at risk of burnout.

Clever ways to use Google Calendar

Google calendar has some great functionality to help you stay organised and also reduce the worry and stress of having to think about everything.

Scheduling little things you need to do when you initially think of them and setting up multiple reminders can help reduce the stress of needing to do things and the worry of forgetting things. You can set it up so you get the reminders by phone notification, text and email which can help make sure you see them.

Another thing that reduces the worry about how to get to places is adding the addresses to appointments. Google calendar can then tell you when you have to leave to get there on time.

If you worry about being late to important appointments another great tip is to set the start time for 15 mins earlier.

If you think of a task that needs doing, you can set a reminder for later that day (or another day)… this is a huge help if you find you can be easily distracted and won’t remember a task unless you start it right away.

Google calendar can also send you reminders on your phone based on location! If you set your home address, it can remind you to do something once you leave home. You can set it to remind you to go food shopping when you’re near the supermarket. Or remind you to pickup pet food when you’re near the pet store, etc. 

Google Calendar can send emails for you. Even send emails to other people listed on your calendar events when you’re running late! So you can stay hands-free while driving. 

Using the Amazon Alexa to create lists

You can use the Amazon Alexa to help you create shopping lists and integrate it with your Google calendar and tell the Alexa to add it to your appointments.

Use timers on your phone if there is little things you forget

If you ever worry about little things like remembering to take the washing out or turning the oven off you can set a little timer to remind you that is quick and easy to set.

Meditation and sleep apps on Alexa

There are a number of mediation and sleep apps on the Alexa. Particularly there is a sleep one which can play ocean sounds, rain sounds, white noise, etc. If you dont have an Alexa there are also these other great apps to make you happy

Smart lights to help you wake up relaxed.

You can turn on certain (smart) lights, play a specific song, etc. You can set it so the light in the bedroom starts out dim and ramps up to max brightness over 20 minutes giving you a calm refreshed wake up.

Do you have any other tips about how to use technology to avoid burnout ? please share them with Technology for Good.

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