Technology for Autism

Brain in hand – Supporting independent living for people with Autism and learning difficulties

The brain in hand is an application for your smartphone built for people living with autism, a mental health condition or a learning difficulty and it can help with making decisions, staying in control of emotions and choosing appropriate behavior.

The tool gives users easy access to support including reminders, notes, coping strategies a way to monitor their feelings and emotions and when things get tough quick access to a trained professional to talk to who knows their case and can support them.

Brain in hand has now over 4,000 users and helps them reduce anxiety and put in place customised help to help them improve independence in a manageable way.

Brain in hand has been working closely with universities, schools, local authorities, and employers in order to support people better managing their day to day live.

Brain in hand recently produced this short film showing how their application is helping people live more independent lives.

If you are interested in getting the brain in hand for yourself or a person you support you can find out more information here on their website.

Technology for Good is a Community Think Tank for creating and sharing ideas that will help people living with neurological conditions live better lives. We would love you to get in touch or find out more here

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