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An app to track and dementia and cognitive functioning.

MyndYou is an app designed to help track cognitive function and alert of any warning signs so that the user can get early intervention on any cognitive degradation.

Recently MyndYou partnered with Japanese company Mizuho Information & Research Institute to test the company’s product for a potential nationwide roll out later in 2019 in Japan. Japan has an ageing population, in 2040 its expected that a quarter of the population will be aged 75 and older. Dementia is on the rise, by 2025 its expected to affect 1 in 5 adults over 65. However symptoms often go undiagnosed for a long period of time which can have a negative result on the outcome of a patient.

MyndYou’s technology passively monitors cognitive and behavioural function of older adults during their day-to-day lives by analysing voice and activity — using cutting-edge Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence — to detect changes that require intervention.

They can provide healthcare professionals with data-driven insights so they can more effectively manage decline. They Integrate into existing care methods and processes, to help close the healthcare loop while enabling the delivery of more personalised care.

This is exciting work and with a ageing population across the world and dementia on the rise. I anticipate we will many more health apps to intelligently track health conditions providing better outcomes for patients.

What about you if you were at risk would you consider tracking for early detection and knowledge? Would you feel more comfortable if your family member was passively tracked that they were getting better medical advice on the back of data from an application? or do you think this is too invasive to consider?

I would love to hear your thoughts so please get in touch.

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